The main goal of the project is cooperation of Slovak and Hungarian research institutes on the subject which will be focused on the demands of both countries.  Both institutes belong to the top institutes focused on research in the field of polymer chemistry. The Slovak partner is strong and well equipped for the polymer materials preparation, characterization and testing, while the Hungarian part is specialized on the synthesis of new polymer structures. Despite the fact that both research institutes have many international cooperation within Europe, there has not been joint project between the Slovak and Hungarian partners so far. This project gives an excellent opportunity to start close and intensive cooperation with lot of benefits, such as sharing infrastructure, exchange of knowledge and higher level of education of young scientists. Therefore a mutual cooperation with combination of their expertise and facilities can lead to high efficient research in the polymer materials field with applicable outputs.

      The cooperation will be oriented on the preparation of new stabilizing systems for polymers, their evaluation and testing in polymers with the aim of their using in agriculture and packaging industry. Intensive agricultural production represents much demanded way of food-staff production. Research of materials applicable in both mentioned areas can be used in both countries without any necessary modifications since both the climate conditions and the agricultural commodities are the same in whole Slovak-Hungarian agricultural region.

        The goal of the project is selection of the suitable polymers based on the screening of the commercially available polymeric materials used for mulching and food packaging applications, as well as development of new polymers with controlled service lifetime with properties the best fitting the requirements of the Slovak-Hungarian cross-border agricultural region.


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